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Who We Are‚Äč

Our Mission

To prepare the children in our care to live as Christian leaders today, and in the world tomorrow by providing them with a Catholic education emphasizing spiritual development, strong values and academic excellence.

Our Philosophy  

  • A deep commitment to Gospel values should affect every area of our lives.
  • One should always choose what is fair and just in relationships and decision-making.
  • We should strive towards justice for all people locally, nationally and globally.
  • As Christ loves us all unconditionally, we should learn to love one another in the same way.

Our Students

The mission of Catholic education is universal and dedicated to improving the lives of all children. St. Bernard School is committed to serving children of all creeds, nationalities, and economic circumstances in Indiana County and the surrounding areas.

Our Faculty

A highly-qualified teaching staff is an essential component of our mission. We are therefore committed to recruiting and maintaining a staff which is:

  • Highly trained, skilled and knowledgeable in their individual disciplines.
  • Enthusiastic about their mission and dedicated to its fulfillment.
  • A model of Catholic values.
  • Constantly growing professionally and personally.
  • Providing individual attention to students' academic needs.

Our Administration

Committed to serving students, parents, and employees by:

  • Providing leadership on an operational, academic and professional level.
  • Responding to student, teacher, staff and parental concerns in a timely and sensitive manner. 
  • Maintaining a school environment that is safe, peaceful and conducive to learning.
  • Finding adequate resources to maintain and expand our academic program.

Our Parents and Guardians

Working together as the stewards of our school by:

  • Participating in meaningful ways with the administration and faculty to chart the direction of the school.
  • Helping one another through development efforts that benefit all of our children.
  • Welcoming new families and assisting those in need.

Our Future

We are proud of our 75 year history and reputation for academic excellence and spiritual growth. By careful governance and continual improvement, St. Bernard Regional School will continue its traditions, not only for today, but also for tomorrow.