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Art Program

The art program at St. Bernard Regional Catholic School is a creative learning experience that teaches students art history, art processes, and how to talk about art. Enduring ideas are used in the lessons as a way to teach large ideas through multiple lessons and see how different forms of art and time periods in art history relate to each other.

Students are given the opportunity to create unique works of art that capture cross-curriculum concepts, this way students are functioning on multiple levels at one time. The progress can be seen visually in their work but also by the knowledge that they can use throughout life.

The lessons stay up-to-date with new contemporary artists and new ways of teaching important art information, so they are constantly changing. To see what the students are learning, please visit our Online School Art Gallery – Artsonia!

It is a wonderful interactive website that displays student artwork, parents and family members can become part of their "fan club" and leave comments about their artwork! If your child created an artwork that you are astonished by, please check out the merchandise that can be purchased with your child's artwork on it! It is a great way to donate to the art program and it allows you to have a treasured item.

Please email me at if you have any questions, I am always happy to hear from you.

Thank you,
Ms. Kristen Anderson
Art Educator​