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Music Program

The music program at St. Bernard Regional School is diverse and easily matches, if not exceeds, music programs in the public schools. Music at St. Bernard includes music class, chorus and band.  Music is an important part of the academic curriculum.

General Music Classes

Each class, K-8, has one 40 minute music class per week. Students expand their musical knowledge as they create, perform, respond to and connect with music.  Singing, moving to music and using classroom instruments are integral to our music curriculum.  In third grade, students learn to play the violin, which furthers the skills they've been developing in the younger grades.  Students in the older grades continue their music development with more music theory, music history and composition.

Primary Chorus

This chorus, comprised of the first, second and third grade students, rehearses once a week for 40 minutes. Students prepare music for performances, such as the annual Christmas and spring concerts. Students also learn the hymns for the Catholic liturgy. 

Intermediate Chorus

Students in fourth, fifth and sixth grade meet once a week for a 40 minute rehearsal. This chorus also participates in the annual Christmas and spring concerts. Students begin to sing in harmony while learning music from both sacred and secular repertoires.

Singer's Ensemble

This choir is an auditioned group that challenges St. Bernard Regional School students with a more advanced repertoire and provides additional opportunities for performing.  This group rehearses once a week, during the school day.


While most preschools do not offer music classes taught by a certified music teacher, St. Bernard Regional Catholic School does. Each preschool class has one 15 minute music class per week. Students sing, dance, play classroom instruments, and participate in music activities that help promote muscle coordination and motor skills.    

Beginner Band

Students may choose to learn an instrument at the start of their fourth grade year. Students take lessons during the school day once a week throughout the school year.  After having mastered the first five notes of their instruments, students begin meeting as a large group ensemble and prepare music for the annual spring concert.

Advanced Band

This band is for students who have been playing an instrument for at least one year, and is mostly comprised of fifth, sixth and seventh graders. The students perform in both the annual Christmas and spring concerts.